Kojie San Men Lightening Face and Body Soap - 135g

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Freshen up with Kojie San Men Lightening Soap 135g! Powered with Cell Active Tech to increase men's skin appearance and resilience.

Now you can get the amazing benefits of Kojie San Soap specially formulated for Men's Skin

Kojie San Men Lightening face and body soap helps lighten kin, helps reduce dark spots and gently removes impurifies for a lighter complexion and smoother skin. Designed specifically for men's skin, Kojie San Men Lightening face and body soap thru its Cell Active Technology helps increase cell resistance to stress and has a strong moisturizing effect, leaves skin fresh and younger looking. 

A product for men that helps evens out skin tone while keeping skin moisturized and with other skin benefits.

• Anti-Aging - Keeps skin aging under control by supporting healthy cell repair.

• Moisturizing - Contains natural plant oils like coconut oil and natural palm oils to keep skin well hydrated.

• For Acne Prone Skin – All natural breakout fighting botanicals keep skin fresh, healthy and fewer breakouts.

• Brightening – Has active ingredients that are scientifically proven to help fade and reduce the appearance of melasma, brown spots, stubborn post-breakout marks and hyperpigmentation leaving you a beautiful glowing skin.

Kojie San Men Lightening Soap boosts the skin's resistance to visible signs of stress and provides moisture that lasts!

* Paraben Free
* Sulfate Free
* Dermatologically Tested

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