About Us

Beauty Elements Ventures Inc. is a personal care company with wide range of products for men and women, it was established in 2007, then and now we are committed to answer their skin and beauty care needs. Bevi is the first to introduce kojic acid soap in the Philippine market. Initially, the company supplied kojic acid soaps in dermatologists, who prescribed it to patients with skin pigmentation and darkening problems. the remarkable skin lightening effect of Kojic Acid Soap under dermatologist prescription spread like wild fire. We started with only a dozen purchase, then hundred dozens to a thousand dozens.

Realizing its potential, BEVI launched the original kojic acid soap formulated the traditional Japanese way and made it even better by adding high grade virgin coconut oil in the mix. In the span of three years, BEVI succeeded in lording it over the skin-lightening category under the brand name Kojiesan. We also created product extensions and launched the complete Kojie San Skin Care System. Furthermore, we are able to extend our product line to other categories such as anti-aging, acne treatment, men's skincare, cellulite control and fragrances.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in the recognition given us for five consecutive years as "Bath Soap Brand of the Year" at the Watson's Health and Beauty Awards and Consumer "SM Top Choice" Awardee. We will continue to innovate products and expand our distribution to bring the highest level of consumer experience to a greater number of people. We want to be known as the company who delivers quality and effective products. Currently, we are the first and only brand in Indonesia for skin treatment that contains Kojic Acid and high grade Virgin Coconut oil. From a single bar soap, we will continuously improve and develop our line of products focusing on natural base ingredients to bring forth revolutionary products that will make our consumers beautifully flawless skin.

Kojie San is a trademark of Beauty Elements Ventures Inc. This website is run by Flawless Beauty and Skin, a distributor of Kojie San products in the United States. Any transactions made on Kojie San USA are solely completed with the official US distributor. Beauty Elements Ventures Inc. is not affiliated with any transactions made on this site. If you should have any questions or concerns regarding a purchase made on our site, please contact us directly by submitting a request on the Contact Us page.