Amazon: B Healthy, Relumins Labs

Amazon Canada: YouLookLight, Lemtex

Ebay: Sweetsuzzy

Company Name: Snazzy Baus
Selling As Name: Snazzy Baus
Address: Minchinbury, NSW 2770 Australia
Email Address: [email protected] 
Mobile/WhatsApp: +61 413 849 387 

Company Name: NY Nail Bar & Spa
Contact Name: Keisha Giles
Address:  43 swan street Bridgetown – Barbados
Phone Number: 2462340812
Email Address: [email protected]

Company Name: Focused Beauty Factory
Contact Name:  Ms.Tameka Greene
Address:  Cane Garden Park St.Thomas
Phone Number: 2462615817
Email Address: [email protected]

Company Name: Mearle's Beauty Stop
Primary Contact Name: Mercille Earle
Address: Upper Carlton, St. James
Mobile/WhatsApp: (246) 250 1780

Company Name: Affolabi A Adeossi
Address:  04BP0270 COTONOU, BENIN
Phone Number: 215 789 0761 +22997588529
Email Address: [email protected] 

Company Name: Better Me Belize
Selling Name: Better Me Belize
Contact Name: Cecil Mckoy
Address: 7682 Mount Mossey Street, Belmopan City
Phone Number: 281-475-8975
Mobile/WhatsApp: +(501) 610-1971
Instagram: @bettermebelize 

Company Name: Ethridge Solutions Inc
Selling As Name: Love our skin
Contact Name: Shavon Ethridge / Chantel Boudreault
Address: 530 Coronation Drive, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Email Address: [email protected] 
Phone Number: 416-471-8034
Mobile/WhatsApp: 905-903-1983
Website: Loveourskin.ca  

Company Name: R&T Productins on Amazon.ca
Contact Name: Tushar Arora
Address: 4 Nordin Avenue – Canada
Phone Number: 6475174207
Email Address:  [email protected]

Company Name: You Look Light Corporation
Contact Name: Javanika amin
Address: 47 Wildflower Lane Georgetown, ON, L7G0H8, CA
Phone Number: 9058266025/6473035354
Email Address : [email protected]  

Company Name: ShanShar: The World Of Natural Beauty
Selling As Name: ShanShar: The World Of Natural Beauty
Contact Name: Marie Niamekong
Address: Toronto - Canada
Mobile/WhatsApp: 1 416 268 9933
Email Address : [email protected]
Website : www.shanshar.ca

Contact Name: Nanette Samelo
Address: 78 carberry crescent, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R2Y 0K4
Email Address: [email protected] 
Phone Number: 12046123558

Selling As Name: Impact Owl
Contact Name: Ahmed Sheikh
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: 780-200-2204
Mobile/WhatsApp: 780-200-2204
Website: impactowl.ca

Selling As Name: Lemtex
Email Address: [email protected] 
Phone Number: +1 438 500 2432
Website: www.lemtex.com

Company Name: GenC Beauty (New Frontier Global Ltd.)
Primary Contact Name: Linda Li
Address: 7295 Rapistan Ct, Mississauga ON L5N5Z4
Phone: 9055951887
Email Address: [email protected]
Website: https://gencbeauty.com/ 

Company Name: Swadi
Contact Name: Mustafa Reza
Address:  Baghdad almansour ave. Opp Baghdad int fair IRAQ. P.C 10013 ,Diwaniya,
Phone Number: 07809947683
Email Address: [email protected] 

Selling Name: Fontana Pharmacy
Contact Name: Daina Dyer
Address: 12 W Kings House Rd., Kingston
Email Address: [email protected] 
Phone Number: 876-619-7479
Mobile/WhatsApp: 876-878-4216
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FontanaPharmacy                                            

Company Name: Mirror Mirror Beauty Supplies & More
Selling As Name: Mirror Mirror Beauty Supplies & More
Address: 15 Constant Spring Road, Central Plaza, Halfway Tree, Kingston, Jamaica
Email Address: [email protected] 
Instagram: @mirrormirrorja
Facebook:  @mirrormirrorja
Phone Number: 876-613-6838

Company Name: Multimax Jamaica Limited
Primary Contact Name: John Dazo
Address: 9B, Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica
Phone: +1-876-678-5352 / 876-678-5352
Mobile/WhatsApp: +1-876-862-1111
Email Address: [email protected] 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/multimaxja 

Selling As Name: Kojie San - Europe
Primary Contact Name: Vincent MAHOT
Address: 87 La Guyonniere, 53110 ST JULIEN DU TERROUX
Email Address: [email protected]
Website: www.kojiesan-europe.com

Company Name: Diplomatic Inn Cosmetics
Selling As Name: Dipp Inn Comestics
Contact Name: Paschaline Nsiah-Asare, Bloomfield CT, USA
Address: Atinga Junction, Ahodwo, Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana
Instagram: @Inndiplomatic
Phone Number: +233 246663826
Mobile/WhatsApp: +233 55 946 2503

Company Name: BAGm Beauty Supply
Primary Contact Name: Brigitta Sefa
Address: Spintex Road, Accra
Phone: +233 243729387 / +233 302915779
Mobile/WhatsApp: +233 243729387
Email Address: bagmbeautysupply.com 
Website: www.bagmbeautysupply.com 

Company Name: Swanky Beauty Ghana
Primary Contact Name: jillian
Address: Nima road, Behind Nima police station,Accra
Phone: 0243234969
Email Address:[email protected]
Website: www.swankybeautysupply.com
Instagram: @swankybeautygh @swankybodyessentials

Company Name: Dazzlinworldbeauty
Primary Contact Name: Rabbi 
Address: Mamobi Conca, Behind Accra Girls SHS. Accra
Phone: +233 200049834
Mobile/WhatsApp: +233 200049834
Email Address: [email protected]
Website: www.dazzlinworldbeauty.com
Instagram: Dazzlinworldbeauty

Company Name: Annie's Closet and Party Hub 
Primary Contact Name:  Soma Bharrat 
Address: Lot 17 Hand-en-Veldt, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara.
Phone: +592-621-1836/ +592-228-2221
Mobile/WhatsApp: +592-621-1836
Email Address: [email protected] 

Company Name: Fancy Things By R
Selling As Name: Fancy Things By R
Contact Name: Renita Perez
Address: 129 A Duncan Street Campbellville, Georgetown. Guyana
Email Address: [email protected] 
Phone Number: 592 681 5809
Mobile/WhatsApp: 592 681 5809

Company Name: Gif's by AJ
Contact Name:  Amanda Jagnandan
Address:  Lot 8 Goed Fortuin West Coast Demerara, Georgetown
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: 592 621 9590
Mobile/WhatsApp: 592 621 9590

Company Name: Bella Moris / Amosea Shipchandler Ltd
Primary Contact Name: Shazia Amode / Mansoor Amode
Address: Calebasses, Mauritius
Phone: +447709230562 /  +23057897623
Mobile/Whatsapp: +447709230562
Email Address: [email protected]
Website: www.bellamoris.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bellamoris0401
Instagram: bellamoris_mauritius
Tiktok: @bella_moris4

Company Name: I Beauty Spot
Primary Contact Name: Beebee Shabneez Baharay 
store 1: Royal Road, Chemin Grenier 
store2: St Clement Street, Curepipe
Phone: +230 57740253
Mobile/Whatsapp: +230 57740253
Email Address: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ibeautyspot/ 
Instagram: https://instagram.com/ibeautyspot?utm_medium=copy_link 
Tiktok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8CLcc5H/ 

Company Name: Nab Makeup
Primary Contact Name:  Nabila Peerbocus
Address: Chamouny Road Chemin Grenier
Phone: 57545715
Mobile/WhatsApp: 57545715
Email Address: [email protected]
Website: Facebook: Nab Makeup Artist-Makeup Reseller 
Instagram: @nab_makeup_reseller
Tiktok: Nab Makeup

Primary Contact Name: Glenda 
Address: Port Louis, Mauritius
Mobile Number: +23058548668
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cecespecialpro
Email Address: [email protected]

Company Name: Pearlx Ltd
Primary Contact Name: Mr Varoon Dev Eleehar /Ms Pooja Jagesura
Address: Tagore Road, Lalmatie
Phone: +23058173816
Mobile/WhatsApp:  +23058173816
Email Address: [email protected]

Company Name: 24Eleven Beauty Ltd
Selling As Name: 24Eleven
Contact Name: 24Eleven
Address: Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria
Mobile/WhatsApp: +2349091111163
Website: https://www.24eleven.ng/kojie-san

Company Name: La Hellobeauty Store 
Selling As Name: Hellobeauty NG
Primary Contact Name: Olaide Oke-Salako
Address: Alexander Court, Castle Rock Avenue, Osapa, Lekki. Lagis
Phone: +234 8189999920
Mobile/WhatsApp: - +234 8189999920 , +234 701 586 5558
Email Address: [email protected]
Instagram: @hellobeauty.ng

Address: DAKAR
Phone: +221 78 107 52 52
Website www.fabellashop.com
Instagram: https://instagram.com/_fabellashop_
Email Address: [email protected] 

Company Name: JAYMA SAS
Selling As Name:  JAYMA C-STORE
Address:  Almadies Zone 10, Dakar, Senegal
Phone:  (221) 338434848 / 781905306
Mobile/WhatsApp: - (221) 781905306
Email Address: info.jayma.co 
Website: www.jayma.online  
Instagram:  @jayma_online ; @jayma_cstore
Facebook:  @jayma_online ; @jayma.cstore

Selling As Name: Sakaba Beauty
Address: Nord Foire près de Yengoulene, Dakar, Senegal
Instagram: @sakababeauty
Facebook: @sakababeauty
Phone Number: 785885454/338600890
Website: www.sakababeauty.com 

Address: HLM 6 - Dakar
Phone: +221775436304
Mobile/WhatsApp: +221775436304
Email Address: [email protected]
Website: www.nubianbeautyshop.com
Instagram : @nubianbeautyshop
Facebook : @nubianbeautyshop

Sri Lanka
Company Name: Beauty & White Cosmetics pvt ltd
Selling As Name: Koji.San Sri Lanka
Contact Name: Michelle Fernando
Address: No 39, 1/1, Alfred place , Colombo 0300, Sri Lanka
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: +94 774 575 885
Mobile Number/WhatsApp: +94 774 585 885
Company Name: Lucentezza Skincare
Selling by Name: Lucentezza Skincare
Primary Contact Name: Elvin Andias
Address: Abigaelslustweg 18
Phone: +5977414559 
Email Address: [email protected]
Facebookpage : Lucentezza Skincare

Trinidad & Tobago 
Company Name: The Brow Bar 868
Contact Name: Victoria Blache
Address: Suite 205A, Brentwood Professional Centre, Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago
Email Address: [email protected] 
Instagram : @thebrowbar868  
Facebook @thebrowbar868
Phone Number: 1-868-384-5245
Mobile/WhatsApp: 1-868-384-5245

Company Name: Blue Touch Entertainment
Contact Name: Shameem Baksh
Address:  Shop #12 Golden Doors Plaza Frederick Street, Port Of Spain
Phone Number: 18682676203

Company Name: The Skincare Shop TT
Selling As Name: The Skincare Shop TT
Address: 10 Chaguanas Main Rd
Phone Number: +1 868 291-6062
Mobile/WhatsApp: +1 868 291-6062

Company Name: First Generation Marketing and Distribution
Selling As Name: First Generation MD
Contact Name: Delisha Mahabir
Address: Mc Bean Couva
Email Address:  [email protected]
Phone Number: 1 868 680 6113
Mobile/WhatsApp: 18686806113

Company Name: Shellco Marketing and Distribution 
Primary Contact Name:  Shelly Ann Mohammed
Address:  Kiosk 1 Greystone Mall  Chagaunas
Phone: 1.868.338.9578
Email Address: [email protected]
Website:  https://www.facebook.com/shellcobeauty/

Company Name: Shoppers Edge
Selling As Name: Shoppers Edge
Contact Name: Shoppers Edge
Address: Central Trinidad
Email Address: [email protected] 
Phone Number: +18683314610
Mobile/WhatsApp: +18683314610

Company Name: Keeanniecon Ltd
Address: 166 S.S. Erin Road, Debe, Trinidad and Tobago
Email Address: [email protected]  
Phone Number: 18682662609

Company Name: Bella Beauty Distributors TT 
Primary Contact Name: Nicholas Singh 
Address: Chaguanas 
Phone: 1-868-743-2135 
Email Address: [email protected] 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bellabeautytt/  
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/370342993813168/ 

Company Name: T.L.C's Beauty  Bar
Primary Contact Name: Cindy Rampersad-Sookdeo  
Address:  #1 Tanner St Point-Fortin 
Phone: 375-8736 
Email Address: [email protected] 
Instagram: tlcsbeautybar

Company Name: Kevantech 
Address:  15th Southern Main road island mall chaguanas 
Phone: 18683580699/18683038160
Email Address: [email protected] 

Company Name: Flawless Beauty and Skin
Address: 1750 Brielle Ave, Unit A4. Ocean Township, NJ. 07712
Phone Number: +1-917-831-5948

Company Name: Karis Beauty - All beauty supply store in NY, NJ, CT, PA, MA
Contact Name: Justin Lee
Address: 163-10 Northrn Blvd #204, Flushing, New York, 11358
Phone Number: 646-299-3526
Email Address:  [email protected]

Company: M&M Trading USA Inc
Contact Name: Milton B. Lall sr
Address: 1900 NW 115 Way Coral Springs, FL. 33071
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: 954-753-8550
Mobile Number: 954-857-4432

Company Name: Mefar beauty store
Contact Name: Marie Esther Fanfan
Address: 50 NE 68th Terrace Miami Florida
Email Address:  [email protected]
Phone Number: 7866352605
Mobile/WhatsApp: 7866352605
Website: Kestherbeauty.com 

Company Name: luxoboutique
Address: 3030 chimney rock suit 100 Houston Texas 77056
Phone Number: 832-840-8215
Mobile/WhatsApp: +832-840-8215

Company Name: Arlene Antoinette Skincare
Selling As Name: Arlene Antoinette Skincare
Contact Name: Arlene Mortley
Address: 815 E37 Street 
Email Address: [email protected] 
Phone Number: 646-750-0697
Mobile Number/WhatsApp: 646-750-0697 
Facebook: @thearleneantoinetteskincare
Instagram: arleneantoinetteskincare

Selling As Name: Darwin Herrion
Contact Name: Darwin Herrion
Address: 280 twin lakes drive
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: 708-589-5962
Mobile Number/WhatsApp: 708-589-5962
Facebook: Shopluxury.app 
Instagram: Shopluxury.app
Selling As Name: Glow Bar 
Contact Name: Rayna Brooks
Address: 200 Buell Rd suite 20 D
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: 585-305-6789
Instagram: @themobilesparoc 

Company: Rsskincare
Contact Name: Chinenye If
Address: 1910 Westmead Drive, 4101
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: 701-561-8069
Mobile/WhatsApp: 701-561-8069
Website: www.rsskincare.com

Company Name: Bright Skin Glow 
Primary Contact Name: Angela Somattie Surujnarine 
Address:  906 Arlington Street, Rocky Mount NC 27801
Phone: 919-396-3599
Mobile/WhatsApp: 919-396-3599
Email Address: [email protected]
Website: Instagram - Brightskin_glow 

West Africa 
Company: Kerdox
Contact Name: Gnekohi Pote Amaud
Address: Angré Château (Carrefour Aladjé)
Email Address: [email protected]
Social Media Accounts: kerdox
Phone Number: (+22507374432/0749231058)

Address: Abidjan
Email Address: [email protected]  
Social Media Accounts: American eshop 
Phone Number: 438 334 2945 
Mobile/WhatsApp: 225 49 40 66 37

Company Name: Ahvia Beauty and Wellness
Contact Name: Faith Mutinta
Address:  42 Mpulungu road, Olympia park - Zambia
Phone Number: +260978980867
Email Address: [email protected]